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Couple’s inefficacy to conceive a baby, though having frequent unprotected intercourse. Each and every time you look over the pregnancy test but it is negative. This situation will get you down to the tight corner. Depression, restlessness, demotivation will turn up. You may not feel poised to converse about your infertility with your partner. This situation may wipe out peace of your relationship with your partner and family. This hostile situation may intrude or obstruct you to focus on your job.
Nevertheless, experiencing infertility is genuine distress! It is alike the most painful thing human can undergo.

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Eventually, everything will fall into your place. Until then, be optimistic, feel propitious or hopeful. Letting you know that infertility is experienced by numerous people and surprisingly, majority of them conceived a baby successfully by dealing with the treatment.

Our Center is well equipped and with the best leading-edge technologies, we serve our patients along with regular diagnoses and by taking follow up. What more, we have the bright-eyed doctor “Dr. Nisarg Dharaiya”- The winner of “The Best Male Infertility Specialist & IVF Centre of India: by the India Healthcare Awards 2018. And got Certificate of Excellence for the “Most Promising Surgeon in Obst & Gynac.” Along with the huge talented staff, it has excellent infrastructure. This center has handed amazing results even in the critical cases of couples.

Take Initiative

Going through this, isn’t easy and taking an initiative is more awful. Thinking about the consequences and with the numerous thoughts in mind when facing infertility leads to dilemma about whether to move ahead for treatment or not. But consulting with the doctor will move you to your decision path. Consult now!
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    Infertility Causes

    1 out of the 8 couple suffer from infertility. It strikes men and women both. The ratio of infertility between men and women are almost equal. It will be easy to understand infertility, once you get yourself aware with fertility treatment or how to get positive pregnancy.

    Female Infertility Causes

    Male Infertility Causes

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