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Male Fertility Testing

Are you and your partner finding trouble to conceive? Do you know that both male and female contribute equally to the pregnancy problem?

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If you and your partner finding difficulty in getting pregnant, then it is recommended by our doctor to undergo certain evaluations to both the partners. Male infertility testing is as important as female fertility testing because infertility can attack both or any of them.

At Sneh Hospital, which is located in Ahmedabad, our fertility experts do perform both male fertility testing  including Semen Analysis or Sperm Test, HSA test etc.  When you visit our doctor, before any diagnosis or testing, you will be asked certain questions about your medical history, sex life, or some other personal questions too if required.

Semen Analysis Test

inherited conditions, chronic health problems, illnesses, injuries or surgeries that could affect fertility.
sperm count, shape and size of the sperm, semen volume, time taken by semen to liquifies.
some factors cannot be identified even if diagnosed.
Male Fertility Test
You can be a Father with 0 Sperm Count
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