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A woman is having fertility issues which fails her to conceive a baby. Later, she proceeds to get treatments but however, she finds herself unable to carry a baby on her own because of abnormal or complete absence of uterus or some other reasons.
A man, who has low count sperm with the poor quality can affect pregnancy.
Their overwhelming desire to be parents cannot keep them calm. At that moment, they left with the only option i.e., surrogacy.

Surrogacy is an arrangement, often supported by legal agreement, whereby a woman agrees to carry a baby in her own womb for the intended couple but with certain considerations. Surrogacy Is the best, trusted and secure option.

Traditional surrogacy: A process where birth mother’s egg fertilized in vivo with the sperm of intended father. By doing so, the resulting child will be genetically related with both, the intended father and the surrogate. Moreover, an embryo is created using an egg and sperm produced by the intended parent(s) (or donors), and is transferred into the surrogate’s uterus.

Sneh Hospital & Surrogacy Process

Surrogacy Package

From finding a well-matched surrogate to the delivery of the baby, we offer the whole package at a reasonable and affordable rate.

Match your surrogate

Couples who are planning to proceed for the surrogacy brings thoughts to their mind for getting an ideal surrogate. Well, sneh hospital helps those couples to get an ideal and screened surrogate at reasonable charges. Keeping your trust is our responsibility.

A Surrogate Mother to help you in Completing Your Family.

Well, this is something often contemplated by the intended partner with the aim of having a healthy baby. Surrogacy is all about handing over a baby to a couple with no risk of any health- problems. Taking a step towards surrogacy is a huge thing for both, the intended couple and birth mother. Keeping all the things in mind, surrogate mother,
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How long does Surrogacy process take?

It is going to be a fruitful experience. The process of surrogacy appears intimidating at initial level as it entails complications at every step in the beginning from social and emotional to legal and medical level. So, to feel edgy and delighted at the same time is real or genuine.


Research- Find the match

Well, this is your first important step. Knowing that she will be partnering with you throughout the journey, this step will be the most decisive one. You will be putting your faith and reliance on that lady as she will be carrying the hope of your dream ticket to fill out your family.

From where will you get gestational carrier?

If you are really clueless of getting an ideal surrogate mother, contacting an agency is the best option then. Because they do have screened and approved surrogate mother which will make you easy to rely your trust on. Moreover, they will discuss the details with you and ensure who will get fit into your proposal. They will also hand you some profiles of surrogate to your match. What more, with both the party’s consent, a gathering will set out by an agency which will give an opportunity to both the parties to know each other in a better way.


Legal paper work
Things remain secure when they are legal. For intended parents, this step is scary as it involves huge investment, besides the investment of money, investment of time and emotions plays crucial role too. Before jumping into medications, legal contract is made in order to make it secure. This starts from here till handing over the baby to intended parents. A proper surrogacy contract is drafted and negotiated for both the parties to make the process easy. Contract must include the followings,
A) Certificate of infertility to the couple intending surrogacy by district medical board
B) Affidavit from the physician stating “The embryo in fact is transferred to surrogate”
C) Contract should contain the surrogate’s compensation and additional compensation if any
D) Social requirements like abstaining from consuming tobacco, smoking, alcohol and other drugs.
E) Legal documents signed by the surrogate’s family states that “After the birth of the child, they intended to give up any legal rights they have to the child
F) Order of Court passed by a Magistrate of the first class or above, regarding custody and parentage of child
G) Insurance of surrogate mother and child.

Medical process

The intended parents desire to have a child genetically related to them, at all possible means they try to make this thing happen but fails to make this in some cases.

A) Traditional surrogacy- The intended Father’s sperm are used to fertilize the surrogate’s egg which is done by IUI-Intrauterine insemination.
B) Gestational surrogacy- The intended father’s sperm and intended mother’s egg are combined and implanted in the uterus of surrogate when resulting in embryo which is done by IVF- In vitro fertilization.
C) Altruistic surrogacy- this is where a woman by her own wish agrees to delivery a baby being a close family member or close friend. She will not charge money except medical or pregnancy related charges.

Embryo transfer:
This procedure will take place when the embryos have grown up enough to implant in surrogate’s uterus i.e., 5 days.
The embryo is transferred to the uterus by using a catheter which is inserted through the cervix. It doesn’t need anesthesia as it is quick and painless.
Birth mother is advised to take rest for few days after embryo transfer. She may have to stay at the fertility center for the best and successful result. Your doctor will inform you when to begin taking progesterone and estrogen, which will help regulate your hormones during the early stages of your pregnancy.


Pregnancy confirmation

After the few weeks of embryo transfer, birth mother must be taken to the clinic for the pregnancy confirmation. She will be examined by the doctor in context of HCG, if they get multiplied every two days then pregnancy is confirmed. In some cases, multiple embryos are transferred into the surrogate before the pregnancy is achieved. Regular checkup and follow up will be taken by the doctor to ensure the pregnancy. Once it is confirmed, Ultrasound will be performed by the doctor to confirm the heartbeats.


Prenatal care

After the pregnancy confirmation, birth mother needs to visit the OBGYN at regular interval. You may come along with her at important meetings. All the expenses including travelling cost, medical expenses are compensated by the intended parents. Some contracts may contain the visiting charges for the medical checkup. At this time, the only concern should be the mother’s health, she must be healthy in order to have healthy pregnancy from eating well to sleeping well, everything must be on time. You may have prenatal frequent appointments to ensure the pregnancy stability.


Delivery and handing over the baby

Among all the stages, this one would be the painful one. At this time intended parents must be present at the hospital with the birth mother. In most cases the intended parents stay in the delivery room while the process is going on. You must stay with her until the baby and she gets discharged from the hospital. Journey of surrogacy will be completed, once the baby is handed over to the intended parents. Later, you receive the surrogacy compensation reminder on time.

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First meeting with Surrogate

So, time is approaching fast! You are going to meet your surrogate mother soon. Feeling nervous, excited or both at a same time? C’mon this is obvious to feel at initial level. Let’s figure out how to deal with this situation!

This is often a question of intended parents about dos and don’ts in the first meeting with birth mother.

Surrogacy Cost in India

The cost of surrogacy is resting on various factors in India especially, it involves doctor’s fees, medical charges, legal fees, medication, diagnostic cost, laboratory cost, cost of childbirth, prenatal and postnatal care etc. these are the parameters which brings variation in surrogacy cost.

Know more about Surrogacy Cost in Your City

    Aggregate cost of surrogacy 10lac – 20 lacs Round about figures
    Surrogacy screening Up to Rs 1.5 -2 lacs
    • Agency fees for matching
    • Donor’s selection
    • Laboratory test: blood test, Fertility test-HCG, USG cost
    • Surrogates past record checking
    • Psychology test
    Legal charges Up to Rs 1 lac
    • Surrogate’s legal fees
    • Intended parents’ legal fees
    • Drafting documents
    • Legal paper work
    IVF and embryo transfer cost Up to Rs 4 lacs
    • IVF cycle (self-egg)
    • IVF cycle (Donor egg)
    • Egg freezing cost
    • Sperm freezing cost
    • Embryo transfer cost
    • Insemination cost
    • Other cost if any (ICSI, LAH) etc.
    Prenatal cost Up to Rs 4.5lac
    • Doctor’ visit
    • Travel expense, medical, meal, vitamins, lab appointments)
    • Pregnancy tests
    • Lost wages compensation if any
    • Surrogate’s caretaker or maid
    Delivery cost Up to 1.5 lac
    • Cesarian delivery
    • Normal vaginal delivery
    • Scanning and testing cost
    • Hospitalization cost
    Post-natal care Up Rs 75000
    • Post-delivery medicine cost
    • Post-delivery care taker
    • Post- delivery proteins and vitamins

    If any other techniques are used meanwhile surrogacy process, then it will be considered as additional charges or optional cost say for fetal reduction sampling test, ectopic pregnancy cost etc. which is to be paid by intended parents it can be up to 1.5 lac.


    A) Couples who have infertility
    B) Same sex couple
    C)Those who are incapable of carrying a baby
    D) Single parent

    The only difference is the eggs to be used. In traditional surrogacy, Surrogate’s egg is used so intended mother is not genetically related to the baby. Whereas in gestational surrogacy, intended mother’s egg is used so she is genetically related to baby.

    Well, it’s a long process from meeting a surrogate to deliver a baby. It usually takes 1 or 2 years to complete the whole process.

    It has no accurate answer, as cost varies from process to surrogate. But it usually costs 10 lacs to 20 lacs including the process.

    Definitely, someone from the friends and relatives can be surrogate and is known as identified surrogate. Whatever the relation is, it has legal contract.

    Surrogate will be the biological mother but the intended parents are the legal parents of the baby, as per the contract. Usually, it is not possible for the surrogate to keep the baby legally.

    Well, this is something rare, surrogates breastfeed the baby after delivery, but surprisingly some of the intended mothers, without experiencing the pregnancy may be able to feed the child.

    A woman of age between 25 – 40 with no medical illness history, and already given a birth to her own child can be surrogate.

    In IVF, the fertilization of egg and sperm are to be done outside the body in the test tube and later transferred to the uterus. Whereas in surrogacy, the fertilized eggs are implanted in the womb of surrogate and carries the baby for 9 months.

    It depends on the type of surrogacy; traditional surrogacy involves legal and emotional risk as the baby is genetically related to surrogate.

    Yes, being a close family member or close friend she will not ask for extra mother except medical and pregnancy related cost.