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Introducing NEEDLE-FREE IVF at SNEH IVF HOSPITAL at AHMEDABAD. Gone are the days of high cost of fertility treatment medication, daily blood draws and potentially painful injections that force your body to overproduce eggs. Since the 1970’s, in vitro fertilization has not changed much… Until today.

Quick Overview

SNEH HOSPITAL is proud to present our fertility patients with access to a new, convenient, lower IVF cost, easy and pain-free approach to becoming pregnant. Needle-Free IVF is our more natural fertility treatment that gently stimulates the ovaries into producing multiple egg follicles through oral and nasal fertility medications. Research has proven that too many fertility drugs provided over the course of a Conventional IVF Cycle may be associated with poorer egg quality, thus making it harder to have a baby. As part of our commitment to a healthier and low-drug approach to in vitro fertilization, New Hope focuses on Mini IVF and Natural IVF to achieve pregnancy for less money and with less aggravation.

With our brand-new Needle-Free IVF, fertility patients can start a family using a simplified approach. During this revolutionary fertility treatment, hormone levels will be monitored through Saliva and Urine testing and all fertility medications will be administered orally and nasally. Without the need for daily injections and constant blood draws, patients can now experience a truly liberating approach to becoming pregnant.

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    Benefits of Needle-Free IVF Treatment

    Needle-Free IVF fits in well with both Fresh and Frozen IVF Treatment plans and is perfectly suited for PGD/PGS and Gender Selection. The addition of Genetic Screening to an IVF cycle has been shown to improve fertility success rates up to 65% according to some studies and should be discussed with your fertility specialist during your initial consultation. Additionally, traditional IVF medication often requires dialing dosage numbers on the injection pen, using only part of a vial of medication, or storing medication in a refrigerator. Needle-Free IVF makes the fertility process fool-proof and easier.
    This gentle and effective protocol is designed to be patient-friendly for people who:
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