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Why Is Anomaly Scan Important During Pregnancy?

Why Is Anomaly Scan Important During Pregnancy?

An anomaly scan is also known as a mid-pregnancy test as this is done around the 20th week of pregnancy. Usually, this ultrasound scan is performed to examine the physical development and growth of the baby. This scan provides a closer look at your baby and the entire womb during the gestation period.

Any pregnancy scan is performed only after your consent and this is your foremost responsibility to keep a check on your baby. You can even get your test done at Sneh Hospital, our doctors here will assist you and stay with you throughout your parenthood. If you have any pregnancy complications, then they will be ruled out by our experienced doctors.

Why do you need this test?

To be above board, there are many benefits and reasons to get this test done. We recommend you to not miss out on the anomaly scan and also other required tests for pregnancy.

  • – To get a magnified look to the baby
  • – To get a closer look of your entire womb
  • – For detecting the position of the placenta and check on the umbilical
  • – To detect any abnormalities in your baby
  • – To check the physical growth of your baby
  • – It gives a picture of baby’s bones, heart, brain, kidneys, limbs, bowel, spinal cord, abdomen and face
  • – Allows to assess the present amount of amniotic fluid
  • – It can detect any severe conditions such as cleft lip, anencephaly, spina bifida, diaphragmatic hernia etc.

On top of everything, this scan is mostly used to track the growth of the baby. Though, it cannot show the entire condition, it is recommended as it nearly covers most of the part to get an idea about what’s up with the baby inside. This test is pretty easy, which will take around 45 minutes. Our sonographer will provide you the 2D-3D black and white photos as a part of reports with no extra cost. Book your appointment for now!