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Why Do I Experience Irregular Periods?

Why Do I Experience Irregular Periods?

This is quite a common issue for women and teen girls. A good many girls start getting their periods prior 11 or 14, well it depends some girls start getting periods sooner or some get later. The first ever period is medically termed as menarche.

Normal periods are the cycle of average 28 days. It can sometimes be 24 days or even 35 days which is normal. When you notice any irregularities in your periods, you must not take a chance by making your own assumptions. You may need consultation with the doctors. This does not exactly mean that there is something serious but at least you should check as a part of reproductive health care.

What exactly irregular periods are?

Menstrual cycle doesn’t always occur on time and does not run like clockwork, as it varies from woman to woman. Usually; the period’s cycle of women occurs every 28 days and lasts for four to seven days. The period cycles which are shorter than 21 days and longer than 35 days are considered as unusual and are called oligomenorrhea.

  • – Menses that occur before 21 days
  • – Periods that occur after 35 days
  • – Prolonged periods
  • – Heavier or lighter menstrual flow which is different from usual
  • – Painful periods which go with cramping, nausea sometimes
  • – Missing periods in succession
  • – Bleeding or spotting between periods
  • – Bleeding or spotting even after menopause
  • – Spotting or bleeding during or after intercourse
  • – Facial hair growth including chin
  • – Hair growth on abdomen 

What are the possible reasons for irregular menses?

Your menstrual rhythm may get hindered because of various factors such as thyroid, diabetes, Hyperprolactinemia, hormonal imbalance, Uterine polyps or fibroids, pregnancy, depression, stress and anxiety, sedentary lifestyle, lifestyle choice, polycystic ovarian syndrome, pre-mature ovarian failure, endometriosis, steroids, pre-menopause, imbalanced body weight, pelvic inflammatory disease

Any from the above can be the reason for irregularities in your periods. If you have any problem regarding any gynecological issue then consult at Sneh Hospital, we have the Best Gynecologist. Women are blessed with a pretty delicate reproductive system, so they need high quality and regular health care! Book your appointment now!