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What to do with remaining embryos

What To Do with Remaining Embryos?

For the time being, couples with infertility or couples who want delayed pregnancy have multiple options to conceive as per their convenience. There are various fertility treatments such as IVF, IUI, fertility preservation etc.

With the advancement in the field of medical science, couples have at least become stress-free about getting pregnant. Assisted reproductive technique encourages artificial insemination that is outside the body. For that, eggs are retrieved from the ovaries of the woman and sperms are retrieved from the man for fertilization. The concern is only one or two embryos are implanted into the uterus, which sets the couple to the dilemma of making decisions about the leftover embryos.

If the first cycle fails then those embryos can be transferred during the next cycle. If you have conceived in the very first cycle, you might be left with the extra frozen embryos. What to do now? Will be the first question that will come to your mind. Here are some tips to ease your decision making. Read it up!

Store for future child:

If you already know that you want an additional child in future to complete your family then embryo cryopreservation is the best option for you. Another case is when you are confused whether you need an additional child or not then it is worth giving a chance before calling a final action. On the top of everything, it is important to note that remaining embryos can be frozen or stored at an IVF You would have to pay annual storage charges for that.

Donate to infertile couples:

Well, ask yourself first, is it ok for you if your genetic offspring, parenting by other parents? If it is a big yes! then and then only you should donate your embryos to another couple. Besides this, you need to also decide whether you would like to know about the child or keep it anonymous from you? This is also termed as embryo adoption. 

Discard or dispose of the remaining embryos:

We know that it sounds so pitiless but practically if you don’t want to donate your genetic embryo to another couple and also don’t want to use it at a future Then, what will you do? You can ask at an IVF clinic for the disposition of surplus embryos by signing a consent. Moreover, you will be free from paying storage charges for the embryo cryopreservation.

Better not to make a decision for now:

If you don’t want to hurry, better not to take any decision as you may regret in future for making a decision at the wrong Take some time to ponder upon the situation and then make a decision.