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Three Main Stages For Complete Menopause

Three Main Stages For Complete Menopause

The body of a woman undergoes various changes over time due to her complex and delicate reproductive system. The first ever turning point in her life is menarche, which means the very first period, since then, she set foot in childbearing age. Another turning point is when this window is closed by menopause that means she will no longer ovulate therefore, cannot conceive after this.

Basically, menopause is a stage where by women’s ovaries no longer produces two main hormones required for fertility i.e., estrogen and progesterone. Whereas, the level of LH and FSH remains high in her body for the rest of their life. Usually, menopause occurs after you reach 51. Some women may experience it at an early age, like in 40s and considered as premature menopause. There is another kind of menopause that is induced menopause which is due to any surgery or treatment of any disease. Apart from that, menopause is something which occurs naturally when you reach a certain age.

There are mainly 3 stages that takes you to the menopause:

Well, the stage before menopause is pre-menopausal phase, where women get regular menses and regularly ovulates. At this phase, she is completely in her child-bearing age. Then, with the increase in age, she enters the perimenopause stage.

Perimenopause stage:

At this stage, usually around the age of 47, your periods will not stop but you will notice irregular menstrual rhythm. Your ovaries start working slower than before and due to low production of estrogen, it produces very few eggs. So, you still have chances to get pregnant at this stage. You might notice some symptoms during this time such as irregular menstrual rhythm, mood swings, hot flashes, decreased libido, body pain, vaginal dryness etc.


You will get your final period during menopause but unfortunately you will not come to know when will be the last period until it get stopped for a year or more. Once you have passed a year without menses, you will be considered in the category of menopause. After that you will no longer ovulate and your ovaries will completely stop working. Therefore, you can’t conceive after menopause.

The most common symptoms are hot flashes, vaginal dryness and increased heart rate, extreme level of mood swings, sleeplessness etc.

Postmenopausal stage:

Once you stop getting period after a year or more, then the later period will be considered as postmenopausal stage for the remaining life. Some women find it so comforting as they will be free from menses. However, after menopause, the risk of heart diseases, osteoporosis and other conditions increases.

Once you reach the postmenopausal stage, you must take care of yourself even more than ever. Switch to a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy and stay healthy. Healthy lifestyle choice and hormone replacement therapy will help a lot in postmenopausal stage.

Above all, vaginal bleeding or spotting after a year without menses is not normal. You will have to seek medical attention from the gynecologist. Reach out to us, if you find something fishy with your reproductive health!