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Things one should avoid after IUI Treatment:

Things one should avoid after IUI Treatment:

 “Every couple dream of a baby at certain stage of life. For some couples, it is the way easier and natural to conceive while for some, it’s arduous and take time and efforts to conceive. “

Some couples in spite of making pretty efforts, failed to get pregnant. Yes! there are some factors which keeps couple from conceiving. It dishes out depression, anxiety, mental stress and emotional chaos. It was quite difficult for those couples to conceive in past.

However, in this era of science, nothing is like impossible. With its advancement, fertility treatments can beat any infertility factor and help couples to form their family. Male and female both are equally responsible to bring another heart in this world. Every single couple longing to have their own biological child but every so often, infertility factors become obstacle on their way to parenthood.

IUI- Intra Uterine Insemination:

IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) is one such hope for the couples to conceive who are suffering from infertility. It is an assisted reproductive technique whereby specially washed and concentrated semen directly injected through the cervix inside the uterus. This process helps the sperm to reach the egg within a short stretch of time to form zygote and increases the odds of getting pregnant.

In this process, at the beginning, fertility medications are given to the woman to promote the growth of follicles containing eggs and monitored under ultrasound or through blood test. Meanwhile, male partner has to provide the semen at the clinic, where the technicians will separate the sperms from the fluid. Subsequently, washed or concentrated sperm will be deposited in the uterus, once the egg gets mature which will result into pregnancy.

What should you avoid after IUI treatment?

IUI usually comes up with great success rate but in order to increase the chances of pregnancy after Intrauterine insemination, there are some things you need to know and follow the same,

  • – Take Rest: After semen insemination, you will have to take rest for some time and then you will be given discharge. Once you will get discharge, you need to take test at home for few days. If you feel any unusuality then, contact the doctor at the moment.
  • – Stay Positive: Your thoughts are directly associated to your physical health. if you think negative, it will lead to overthinking which is not always good and takes you to the stress and anxiety. Because, there are some releases of hormones after your IUI treatment which are utterly depended upon mental health.
  • – Don’t take pain killers: It is quite common to experience cramps or pain after IUI treatment but though it is paining, you must avoid taking painkiller as they will narrow down the chances of pregnancy. If the pain in unbearable then you must contact the doctor
  • – Follow healthy diet: the most important thing is diet; it plays vital role in successful pregnancy. You need to know food to eat after IUI treatment and add those in your diet. It will help you to conceive easier and quicker.
  • – Mild workout to stay active: It is so not true that you cannot work out after embryo implantation instead you should do light to moderate exercise which keeps the blood circulating in your body and uterus. Note that, you must avoid vigorous activities or heavy weight lifting.
  • – Sexually active: you are advised to get sexually active 48 hours after your IUI treatment as this is the most feasible time to have sex. It is said sex after IUI helps in contraction of the uterine walls thus, pushing the sperm further towards the uterine tubes and to the egg.
  • – Follow proper medications prescribed by doctor: It is important to keep in mind to follow the instructions of the doctor on time concerning with medications. Medications will help you to elevate the chances of pregnancy.

Besides these, there are few other tips you should follow,

  • – Take proper sleep
  • – Stay hydrated
  • – Don’t take stress
  • – Avoid heavy workout
  • – To avoid caffeine
  • – Avoid swimming
  • – Don’t expose your body to radiations
  • – Stay in touch with fertility expert
  • – Maintain right sleeping posture
  • – Avoid smoking and drinking
  • – Travel restriction
  • – Bed rest as much as possible
  • – Do not skip prescribed medicines
  • – Take good care of yourself

Well, you might be feeling excited or over protective about your pregnancy.

It is unquestionable how much you want a healthy pregnancy after waiting for so long. Read this out and contact us if you have any query. At Sneh Hospital, we provide counselling to couples and guiding them to forming a family in easiest and quickest way.