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Positive Signs after an Embryo Transfer

Positive Signs after an Embryo Transfer

After an embryo transfer, the wait until your pregnancy is confirmed feels like ever-lasting. You might feel nervous and anxious whether the embryo is rightly placed in your uterus or not. After this much patience and wait, it is obvious to expect positive results. There are some positive signs that indicate successful embryo transfer to hopeful parents.

Embryo transfer is the most crucial part of the entire fertility treatment cycle. If the egg is completely fertilized by the sperm but not properly attached in the uterine wall then pregnancy will fail. So, proper implantation of the embryo transfer plays a main role in successful pregnancy.

When you are undergoing any fertility treatment then this is the last step before pregnancy check. In natural conception, the embryo gets naturally implanted in the womb. While in artificial reproductive technique, the egg is fertilized outside the body in a culture dish or a test tube and then on its maturation, it is later implanted in the mother’s womb through medical devices.

How would you know whether the embryo is transferred properly or not?

There are certain symptoms women feel after a week of an embryo transfer that indicate positive results. There are some women who don’t feel any symptoms but still have a positive pregnancy test. In this case, the only accurate way to confirm the success of embryo transfer is to have a pregnancy test check-up.

  • Bleeding or spotting: Bleeding or spotting is the very first sign of successful embryo transfer. You may experience it a week after an embryo implantation in the uterus. Many women get scared and consider it as an unusual condition. In fact, it is a positive sign that shows the success of embryo implantation
  • Nausea or bloating: Nausea or bloating is experienced by women during the second month of pregnancy. Most women consider it as a morning sickness. You may feel bloating in the belly due to the increased level of progesterone. Nausea is the result of various conditions. If you feel nausea or bloating after a week of embryo transfer then it is a good sign.
  • Cramping: Your embryo transfer is effective if you get cramps and if you feel pain in pelvic area. If you notice mild to moderate cramping then keep in mind that it can be due to the increased level of hormones, which is the progesterone you are taking for the 2 –weeks of wait periods after an embryo implantation.
  • Breast soreness: You might feel soreness or tenderness in your breasts when you poke them. If your breasts get inflamed or it hurts when they are touched then it is a positive sign of successful embryo transfer.
  • Vaginal discharge: If the vaginal discharge is more than usual and comes like a white slim gel with mild odor, then it is an early sign of pregnancy. You may feel it in the early weeks of being pregnant.
  • Other symptoms: Apart from these symptoms, you might feel tiredness, numbness, increased urge to pee, weakness etc. If you feel extreme discomfort and find it unbearable then seek immediate medical support.
  • No symptoms: no symptoms is also a symptom. A good many women do not undergo any symptoms but still test positive for the pregnancy.

Whether you are feeling any symptoms or not, do not skip your prenatal, antenatal appointments. Visit our doctor regularly to accomplish a healthy pregnancy!