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Morning Sickness during Pregnancy: Know it All!

Hey beautiful mommies-to-be! It is pretty fathomable that you are excited about your baby but also going through a lot at the same time. No doubt! Pregnancy is the most beautiful thing in a mother’s life but that doesn’t exactly mean that all the experiences are pretty nice and enjoyable. Yes! A pregnant woman has to go through a lot just to bring a beautiful soul into this world.

No matter what! You must stay in contact with doctors during pregnancy. Get a regular visit to the Best Maternity Clinic at Ahmedabad. One of the most common problems a pregnant woman experiences is “Morning Sickness” but thankfully, it is not so chronic and only lasts for weeks or months. You may be experiencing this and longing to know every single detail of it. What is making you feel this way? What are the remedies for making it easy to deal with?

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When you are pregnant, then usually at first trimester, you may feel nausea or bloating every so often at any part of the day or whole day. Different women undergo different symptoms as a part of morning sickness. Some feel aggressive, some experience extreme levels of mood swings while some feel bloated or nausea and vomiting and many more. It varies from woman to woman and mostly importantly it depends on how their body is adapting to the phase of pregnancy.

What causes morning sickness during pregnancy?

Morning sickness is usually referred to as nausea or vomiting of pregnancy that mostly occurs in 70% of the pregnancies around the 6 weeks of pregnancy. It gradually decreases with the passing time or few women experience throughout the pregnancy. Morning sickness is just a name but it can happen at any part of the day.

Possible reasons behind morning sickness:

  • – Low blood sugar
  • – High level of pregnancy hormones such as estrogen or HCG
  • – Fluctuation in blood pressure
  • – Stress or fatigue
  • – Changed metabolism of carbohydrates
  • – Physical and chemical changes in body that pregnancy triggers
  • – Eating certain foods that affects pregnancy
  • – Motion sickness
  • – Family history of morning sickness
  • – Carrying multiple babies (severe morning sickness)
  • – Migraine or headache problems

How do I manage morning sickness?

Well, brave mommies-to-be, you can do anything. We know that pregnancy is obviously not easy. So, we are here to make you feel better or to give you some tips to cope with morning sickness. Read the tips below:

  • – Try natural remedies like ginger
  • – Consume vitamin B supplements
  • – Avoid taking drugs and keep up with the prescribed medicines
  • – Eat dry crackers, toasts, sweet biscuits in breakfast
  • – Stay hydrated with clean water, hot and healthy soups, teas etc
  • – Consider acupressure or acupuncture daily
  • – Don’t stay hungry for a long time and eat small meals
  • – Get enough sleep and rest
  • – Avoid strong smell and prefer soft and pleasant smell
  • – Keep your rooms well ventilated
  • – Eat healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables rich in nutrients
  • – Over-the-counter drugs like doxylamine
  • – Avoid spicy and fatty food
  • – Take multivitamins on regular basis
  • – Keep your mouth clean

On the top of everything, if you experience anything very unusual that makes you feel restless. Don’t wait too long and seek medical attention immediately. At Sneh IVF & maternity Hospital, we are available for our patients 24*7.

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