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How Is Testosterone In Women Beneficial?

How Is Testosterone In Women Beneficial?

Well you already know that, testosterone is a sex hormone in male, which plays a vital role in maintaining their health and well-being. It is true that male sex hormone is also produced in the women’s ovaries but in small amount, though, has some benefits.

Estrogen is a sex hormone in female, which induces the reproductive development in women and when it combines with androgen i.e., male sex hormone, it helps with the growth, development, maintenance, and repair of a woman’s reproductive tissues.

Being a woman, you might not know the importance of this hormone. Testosterone is as important as estrogen. Apart from these, there are several hormones which in combinations balance the body and keep it healthy.

You may be surprised to know that for a long period of our life span, the testosterone in the female body is high in comparison with estrogen. There is an exception to this, women during pregnancy have the extreme level of estrogen to shore their body up during that period.

Benefits of testosterone in women:

In fact, a woman’s body requires to produce a certain amount of testosterone in her ovaries and adrenal glands. As the combination of androgen and estrogen keep them energetic, increase sex drive and runs the bodily functions flawlessly. It also increases body muscle mass, strengthens bones and behavior. Male sex hormone plays main role in puberty, it stimulates hair growth in underarms and pubic areas. Read more,

  • – It shores up the sense of well-being in women
  • – It keep the body active, dynamic, maintains body muscle mass,
  • – It works best to maintain metabolism
  • – It maintains sex drive and sexual function
  • – It is pretty necessary for the sensitivity of the clitoris in women
  • – It promotes cognitive health while keeping your psychologically active
  • – It strengthens the bone and smoothens the body functioning
  • – It helps to kills cancerous cells in breast

Note that, this must be in normal amounts. If it exceeds the normal or less than it then, it will create damaging effects on the female body and libido.

If the testosterone is too high in a woman’s body then these surplus testosterone hormones can cause PCOS Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or other conditions such as heart diseases, diabetes,   high Blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, excessive facial hair growth, infertility, etc.

If the testosterone is too low in a woman’s body then, it can lead to decreased libido, make you feel tired, less energetic, get easy fractures, get your bones weak, osteoporosis, vaginal dryness, change of breast tissues or you might face fertility issues.

What is the ideal testosterone level in women?

Ideally, in women the level of testosterone ranges from 15-70 ng/dL of blood. If you have a high testosterone level then you can decrease it by naturally adding certain herbs and nutrients in your diet. The best thing is that low level testosterone can be treated easily. Reach us now!

So, our health care provider recommends you to get your testosterone level checked on time. We closely monitor our patients through blood work and come up with the accurate level of testosterone. We believe that every patient has their unique needs which need specific solutions. So, consult with our gynecologists if you are in doubt.