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How can IVF help infertile male to conceive?

With the scientific breakthrough along with the skilled and professional doctors with the years of experience, now it is possible to frame your family in spite of having complex fertility issues.

Numerous treatments are available to overcome the fertility concern either in male or female. If you are a guy, you might be having scores of questions in your mind. Such as can I help my partner to conceive, if my sperm quality is poor? Is pregnancy possible, if I have low sperm count? Is it a matter of concern, if I have sperm abnormalities? What treatment should I prefer? Is IVF for me? Will this treatment help me to conceive with infertility? Why do have I sperm problem? What can I do to improve my sperm quality for IVF?

Here in this article, we will bring all the answers in light to your question! Give some time to enlighten yourself with the facts.

Why do I have infertility issue?

Men can have infertility issues because of any of the reasons from the following,

  • – Low sperm count
  • – Chronic health problem
  • – Hormonal disorder
  • – Inherited abnormalities
  • – Chromosomal abnormalities
  • – Poor sperm quality
  • – Poor medical history in past
  • – Sperm motility
  • – Surgeries in past
  • – Blockage in reproductive tract
  • – Injuries
  • – Illness
  • – Stress
  • – Sedentary lifestyle at present
  • – Unexplained infertility

It can be any reason from the above, if you are feeling that you are suffering from infertility then consult doctor. Schedule an appointment with specialist. Get the tests done. Discuss your report with doctor and find out the factor affecting your fertility.

What should I do then?

Framing a family was never an easy task. Whether you are fertile or infertile. The only thing is you need extra efforts and specialized care when you want to conceive being infertile. Well, the first thing is, in spite of being infertile, you can accomplish your dream of completing your family and you are still allowed to keep high hopes. We are blessed at present by the advanced technologies and skilled experts, so it is possible to conceive but need patience.

You have plenty of treatments available to conceive whether the issue is of male factor or of female factor. IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization), ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection), IUI (Intrauterine Insemination), Donor sperm, TESE/ Micro TESE, Andrology, ART (Assisted reproductive Treatment), surgery, and many more.

How can IVF help to conceive with low sperm count?

It is often a question from many. Can I help my partner to conceive, if my sperm quality is poor? Is pregnancy possible, if I have low sperm count? Can I have a baby with zero sperm? Is IVF for me? The answer is big yes! Knowing that you have infertility can be demotivating but still no one can stop you from conceiving healthy baby. However, IVF treatment made it possible with its high success rate in building complete families.

Well, IVF is assisted reproductive technique, where insemination is done outside the body in cultural dish or test tube by retrieving sperms from male and eggs from female. Later, transferred in to the woman’s womb.

Before jumping to the IVF treatment, you need to undergo some diagnosis and tests!

Diagnosis and tests can be in form of physical examination, semen analysis, scrotal ultrasound, transrectal ultrasound, testicular biopsy, genetic tests, hormone testing, post-ejaculation urinalysis, blood tests etc.

Discuss your reports with doctor. he will recommend you IVF when your report reveals that you have poor quality of sperm or low sperm production.

Why doctor recommended IVF for male fertility?

There are 2 reasons:

  • – First, insemination/ fertilization of embryo will take place in laboratory in culture dish or test-tube. So, nothing can stop the sperm to reach and fuse with the egg. Whether sperms have weak motility or low count doesn’t matter then.
  • – If you have low sperm count then, sperms will be retrieved by procedures. And by using best sperm, fertilization will be done.

Later, he will perform the treatment along with guiding you throughout the IVF journey.

Step by step IVF process for male fertility:

IVF is safe, quick and less invasive process. IVF for male fertility involves both male and female contribution. If you are a guy then,

  • – Firstly, you need to bring your partner to the clinic, fertility medications will be given to her to stimulate her ovaries in order to raise egg production
  • – On the same day, you have to give sperm to the doctor by collecting it in any container on-site or at home
  • – Embryologist will check on your sperm by examining under microscope to increase the chances of pregnancy
  • – Now fertilization of the embryo will take place in the laboratory
  • – After few days, healthy embryo(s) either one or two will be placed in the uterus of your partner
  • – Some days later, you need to visit doctor with your partner to confirm pregnancy.
  • – Once the pregnancy is confirmed, journey will remain no more out of the way.
  • – Even though she is pregnant, you need to visit with her to the doctor in certain time interval

What Should I do to improve my sperm quality?

If you have low sperm count, zero sperm, sperm motility issue or poor quality of sperm. In nutshell, if you have any sperm problem, then you can take certain measures to improve that or prevent them for the future. physical work out, food habits, avoid addictions of smoking, alcohol and drinking, regular health checkup help to improve fertility.

Food that boosts fertility,

  • – Egg
  • – Banana
  • – Spinach
  • – Walnut
  • – Broccoli
  • – Pomegranate
  • – Garlic
  • – Ground nut
  • – Maca root
  • – Fenugreek
  • – Ashwagandha

Try to consume food mostly rich in COQ10, vitamin C & D, D-aspartic acid, and zinc, as these are the most effective supplements to increase male fertility. In addition, try to avoid stress and step yourself to exercise