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Does endometriosis bring infertility in women?

Does endometriosis bring infertility in women?

Endometriosis is a medical condition in women where inner lining of the uterus (Endometrium) grows also outside the uterus on organs like ovaries, fallopian tubes urinary bladder as well as intestines.  It is directly related with an increased risk of becoming a trouble in getting pregnant or handing out infertility.

Endometriosis can be in the form of lesions or scars and may cause inflammation in the surrounded areas. These tissues cause irritation on the surfaces and are painful. There are certain symptoms can get you know if you are suffering from endometriosis:

  • – Irregular or no menses
  • – Heavy or painful periods
  • – Pelvic pain
  • – Infertility
  • – Pain during intercourse
  • – Complications during pregnancy
  • – Painful bowel movement
  • – Painful urination
  • – Tiredness or fatigue

Numerous women undergoing endometriosis or abdominal pain, specifically during menstrual cycle or intercourse whereas few may feel no symptoms. Endometriosis can cause complications in pregnancy. 30%- 40% of infertile women have endometriosis. Every so often, it grows inside ovary and results in cyst. However, it can be detected through a surgical procedure known as laparoscopy.

Stages of Endometriosis:

Stage:1 Minimal and superficial implants: No scar tissue seen

Stage:2 Mild but more deeper implants: Involves less than 2 inches of abdomen and no scar visible

Stage:3 Moderate but many deeper implants: cysts and adhesions on ovaries or tubes

Stage:4 Severe and great deal of endometriotic implants: large cysts on ovaries or dense adhesions between the uterus and rectum and around the ovaries or fallopian tube

How is endometriosis affect fertility?

Infertility is the common symptom of endometriosis. few people come to know about this condition, when they find difficulty in getting pregnant. Most people suffering from endometriosis are infertile. Know how!

  • – Ovaries having endometrial tissues on that inhibit ovulation and keeps the egg from releasing
  • – Cyst, scars and adhesions works as a blockage in the fallopian tube and make it difficult for the sperm to meet the egg
  • – Fertilization of the egg becomes difficult because of inflammation

Is There Any Treatment to Overcome Endometriosis?

Well, endometriosis is not a minor issue and brings various complications. However, there are various treatments available to overcome this condition and also when trying to get pregnant.

  • – Laparoscopy: A small thin is inserted through an incision in the abdomen to catch a view of internal organs. Laparoscopy is also known as key hole surgery. Without harming surround parts, it removes the endometrial lesions, cysts and adhesions. After laparoscopy, there are great odds to get pregnant.
  • – Assisted Reproductive Technique: Most infertile women have endometriosis, and failed to get pregnant. With the advancement in science, it is now possible to conceive with artificial insemination. Among various techniques, IVF In-vitro fertilization is the most feasible in this condition when they failed to get pregnant even after laparoscopy
  • – Hormonal medication: Doctors recommend certain pills containing estrogen, progestin or both to manage the endometriosis symptoms. This will help to narrow down the symptoms but not suitable for women who are longing to get pregnant.
  • – Hysterectomy: It is a surgical procedure,  make in use to remove the uterus to overcome endometriosis. This is for those women who don’t wish to get pregnant. every so often, symptoms may return back after the surgery.

Before jumping onto any treatment, it is super important to consult with the doctor and let him know about your future planning, whether you want to conceive in future or just want to overcome endometriosis. Get the best fertility counselling at Sneh Hospital from the best fertility specialists.