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Crack Wide Open: The Biggest Myths of Infertility

Crack Wide Open: The Biggest Myths of Infertility


” This is indubitable how baffling infertility is! But it brings more trouble when you start believing in myths and myths which are believed in tend to become true.”

Plethora of couple facing infertility at present. Even though having frequent unprotected intercourse for or over a year, they failed to conceive. The drawback of this point is, infertility mostly remains mysterious and cannot be caught on the right time but later.

Few couples are so not open to talk or converse about infertility openly owing to shyness or embarrassment. Myths about infertility contribute even more and make it more tangled to talk about. Let’s bring some myths of infertility to the light!

  • Women are responsible for infertility:

    When couples failed to conceive, all the blames and focuses are shifted to the female. But in actuality men and women both can suffer from infertility. Before fertility screening it is not possible to conclude that women are responsible. Men and women both are equally responsible in getting pregnant


  • Smoking has no relation with fertility:

    No, it is so not true, smoking has various adverse effects on fertility. Smoking can affect ovarian reserve i.e., get poor quality of egg and a smaller number of eggs in women. It also leads to menopause before time and poor quality of sperm in men.


  • Couples must try for a year before visiting to OBGYN:

    Well, infertility is inferred as couples after have one year of unguarded sex failed to get pregnant. But in fact, couples don’t need to wait for a year but should seek medical attention earlier. There can be any severe or moderate issue which can elevate with the passing of time instead they should consult earlier


  • You are infertile if your menses are irregular:

    Irregularity in menses doesn’t exactly mean that you are infertile but in fact stress, improper or no sleep, extra physical exertion and workout routines can bring change in balance of hormones that administers the menstrual cycle.


  • Women above 35 can’t get pregnant:

    Mostly people believe that women with the increasing age, reduces fertility and cannot conceive after 35 but it is totally a myth. With the scientific breakthrough, even a woman of 40 can get pregnant. Myriad women in their 30s and 40s undergo health and smooth pregnancies. Few of the woman in their older age suffers from fertility issues.


  • Infertility can always be cured:

    Well, most couples with infertility can ultimately able to conceive. Some factors can be corrected whereas some cannot be utterly cured. While, there are some factors which cannot be explained even. There are some cases, where even with the interventions, woman failed to get pregnant.


  • Age is the only factor in women that bring infertility:

    It is said that with the increasing age, an individual losses its fertility whether a men or women. Yes! age can be the factor of infertility but not the only factor. There can be other factors such as damage or blockage in fallopian tube, anovulation, endometriosis, PCOS etc. which can bring infertility in the women.

Well, there are myths which can bring more trouble to couples and can become true. So, it is always better to consult with the fertility specialists before assuming or thinking any wrong or confusing. Our fertility specialists have helped thousands of couples in framing their family.