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Can an Abortion Bring Infertility in Future?

Can an Abortion Bring Infertility in Future?

“It is natural to bring this question into your mind when you already had an abortion or planning to abort. People move to this option due to various reasons concerning to their work life or personal reasons. Few might get concerned about their fertility after abortion as they may want to have a child later in future. “

Abortion is inferred as planned termination of pregnancy. Abortion is done on the ground of many reasons such as unwanted pregnancy, medical problems, fetal defects, high risk pregnancy, antenatal fatal death, fetal pathologies, personal issues, work life stress etc. It may have a bad impact on the body of women.

There is no straightforward answer to this question. Mostly abortion does not cause infertility in women but has possibility of bringing complications in future pregnancy. Moreover, it is quite dependent on the types of abortion.

Medical abortion:

  • – In medical abortion, pregnancy is terminated by medications
  • – If it is done under proper guidance of specialists, it does not bring any complication in future pregnancy
  • – Moreover, these medications help to make sure all the products of conception are proceeded to steer clear of infection. Therefore, a woman can conceive again in the future.

Surgical Abortion:

  • – This type of abortion involves surgical process to remove the fetus directly from the uterus through the vagina
  • – Suction equipment to get the fetus out of the uterus
  • – It has limited impact on future pregnancy such as bit elevated risk of premature birth or underweight birth
  • – Women with repeated surgical abortion may be at risk of scarring of the inner lining of the uterus and experience Asherman Syndrome. This can bring severe complication in future pregnancy

Risk of Abortion:

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), an abortion is a low-risk procedure. The risk of death following an abortion is less than 1 in 100,000. The later in her pregnancy a woman has an abortion, the greater her risk for complications; however, the risk of death following giving birth is 14 times higher than the risk of death following an early abortion.

Below are some risks that abortion may hand out to women,

  • – Partial or incomplete abortion: Some tissues or other products probably remain in the uterus. This mostly happens because of taking medications for abortion. Women in this case, need a D & C to remove the residuals
  • – Bleeding or spotting: After abortion, a women may bleed which is so not usual. In severe cases, there is need of blood transfusion because of extreme bleeding
  • – Harm to nearby organs: sometimes, while surgical abortion, there is possibility that surrounding organs may get injured. It may give rise to the risks in further pregnancy
  • Other problems: Infection, severe pain, high body temperature, smelly discharge from vagina etc. can be dished out by abortion

Ultimately, there is fact that anything that cause inflammation in the uterus, carries the potential risk in future pregnancy. However, it occurs in very rare case.

Abortion’s impact on infertility:

Usually, abortion will not affect the chances of getting pregnant or having normal pregnancy in future. However, it you get infection in your womb which is left untreated then, it has great chances of becoming trouble in your way to parenthood.

Infection has great potency to spread in whole part including uterine tubes and ovaries. This condition in women is recognized as pelvic inflammatory disease. It can lead to infertility and ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy is a condition where by embryo instead of growing inside the womb, implants itself outside the womb.

Somehow, prevention can be taken by treating the infection on the right time before reaching the worst stage. So that risk will be reduced.