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Are You Concerned About After Embryo Transfer Things?

Get all the answers below to your questions about “after embryo implantation”

Embryo Transfer:

Embryo transfer is the main and the ending stage of In-vitro fertilization. Couples prefer IVF- In-vitro fertilization treatment when they are incapable to conceive at the age of 35 or above.


How embryo implantation works?

Fertility medications are given to women to stimulate ovaries to produce more eggs at the initial stage of IVF. Once the eggs are fertilized, they are retrieved from the ovaries and kept in the laboratory or in culture dish with the selected sperm. When it will result in embryos, best embryos are selected and placed rightly inside the uterus of the women. This stage is embryo transfer/embryo implantation. The catheter will be inserted through the cervix into the womb and embryos will be passed through the tube into the uterus.

“This whole activity uses ultrasound to make it easy so it is safe, quick and less invasive.”

Signs For Successful Embryo Transfer

When you observe any of the following then embryo transfer is successful!

Many couples show concern and have dilemmas about the signs and symptoms after embryo implantation. You don’t need to worry until you find something unusual because some symptoms are common. Let’s delve into the signs for your successful embryo transfer,

Spotting or bleeding

Spotting or bleeding often indicates earliest sign of positive pregnancy. You may observe it in a week after embryo transfer. Moreover, women observe this when devouring hormone medications such as progesterone during the 2 weeks after embryo transfer


When you feel cramps then let me tell you it is one of the quick signs for successful embryo transfer. Many women observe this immediately after any pelvic procedure

Swollen breast

If you feel heavy swollen breast or soreness in breast then it might indicate the embryo transfer is successful. Pregnancy hormones gives rise to breast swelling. However, few women observe this because of certain medications you have given during the 14 days of embryo transfer

Weakness or fatigue

You may feel tired or sleepy more than usual on the ground of the increased progesterone level. Sometimes it can be the result of taking high fertility drugs.


With the surges in hormone, you may feel more bloated than usual because the fertility drugs you are taking slows down your digestive tract which in turn gives you bloated feeling.


Many observe nausea after 2 weeks of pregnancy not just are embryo transfer but in case you feel nausea or vomiting frequently you need to contact doctor

Increase urination

Missing menses will lead to increased need to pee so this can be another symptom of pregnancy after you missed your period. Well, this is the result of increased pregnancy hormone and progesterone level which indicates successful embryo transfer

Missed periods

Whether in normal conception or in conception via IVF, this is the common symptom of positive pregnancy. If you missed your period and the days surpasses the date indicated you might be pregnant

No symptoms

It happens in some cases when you feel nothing from the above. But you don’t need to worry about that you need to keep patience for two weeks and after that you can confirm it by performing pregnancy test.


Things to keep in mind:

  • – Time to take rest
  • – Eat healthy diet
  • – Take prescribed medicine on time
  • – Avoid outside baths in beaches or pool
  • – Avoid heat or hot water baths
  • – Drink plenty of fluids
  • – Take progesterone
  • – Stay steer clear of stress
  • – Avoid unnecessary travel
  • – Refrain sexual intercourse
  • – Avoid vigorous activities
  • – Don’t take instant pregnancy steps
  • – Don’t avoid troubling symptoms


Pamper and de-stress yourself, waiting is really hard but this one will be worth waiting