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3D and 4D Ultrasound Sonography in Ahmedabad

(In this article you Know about the Sonography, its cost etc. Also, You can Find the Best 3D Sonography 4D sonography Centre.)

Pregnancy can mean the start of a new stage in the life of a woman, with all the changes that the new stage will bring. So there are so many changes – cravings, tiredness, nausea, body shape – but there are also situations such as negotiating new work arrangements and reworking your finances that can make this difficult.

Ultrasound scanning is an important clinical tool for providing internal fetal anatomy images. It is often called sonography since it uses sound waves of high frequency to produce representations of slices through the body. After covering it with a thin layer of conductive material, a transducer or probe that emits ultrasound waves is mounted on the skin to ensure that the waves move through the skin smoothly.

Different structures encountered by the waves reflect the emitted ultrasonic waves. The strength of the reflected waves and the time it takes to return are the basis on which to interpret the information into a visible image. This is done using computer software. There is a different type of ultrasound available. we are going to talk about 3D and 4D ultrasound wave:


As its name defines itself as a 3-dimensional ultrasound. The advancement of ultrasound technology has resulted in volume data processing, i.e. slightly different 2D images produced by reflected waves at slightly different angles. These are then integrated with software for high-speed computing. This provides a 3D image. Therefore the technology behind 3D ultrasound has to deal with data collection of image volume, data analysis of volume, and finally show of volume.

If we talk about the benefit of having a 3D ultrasound image so:

Sample Freehand movements, with or without position sensors to form the images. Mechanical sensors mounted on the head of the probe.

Matrix array sensors that acquire a lot of data using one single sweep. This brings in a whole series of 2D frames taken successively. Analysis of data then gives a 3-D image. The operator is then able to obtain any view of value or plane. It shows visualizing the structures in terms of their shape, scale, and relationship.

The result can be viewed using either multiplanar format or image rendering, which is a computerized process in which the gaps are filled to produce a smooth 3D image. It also has a tomographic mode that allows displaying various parallel slices from the 3D or 4D data set in the transverse plane.


It helps 3D imagery enable the representation of fetal structures and internal anatomy as static 3D images. However, 4D ultrasound allows us to add live-streaming image video, showing fetal heart wall or valve motion, or blood flow in different vessels. Thus, in live motion, it is 3D ultrasonic. It uses either a 2D transducer that quickly gets 20-30 volumes or a 3D transducer matrix array. 4D ultrasound has the same benefits as 3D, while still allowing us to observe the movement of various moving body organs. Its clinical implementations are also under review. It is often used to have fetal keepsake images, use that most medical watchdog sites are prevented from. What does the test do?

Unlike standard ultrasounds, 3D and 4D ultrasounds produce a picture of your baby in your womb using sound waves. What’s special is that your baby’s 3D ultrasound produces a three-dimensional picture while 4D ultrasound produces a live video effect, like a movie — you can watch your baby smile or yawn.

The parents also want ultrasounds in 3D and 4D. The first time they let you see your baby’s face. Some doctors like ultrasounds in 3D and 4D because they can show certain birth defects, such as cleft palate, that may not appear on a standard ultrasound.


There is generally no accurate figure for the number of ultrasounds one should have during the whole pregnancy. But the fact is that it differs from one pregnant woman to another. Some women who fall under the high-risk pregnancy group should have more ultrasounds for regular monitoring.


Ultrasound does not represent a painful process. Nevertheless, the gel used before taking ultrasounds can cause some women uneasiness. Some women can feel painful and uncomfortable with the trans-vaginal ultrasounds. But always remember it’s not causing harm. You can experience 5-10 minutes of pain but after that, everything returns to normal.

With the aid of ultrasound, it is recommended that the sonographers take multiple clear images at different angles. Clear views of photographs from various angles ensure an accurate diagnosis. What to expect?

Most mothers receive positive results from Ultrasound reports. And if you are diagnosed with any complications related to pregnancy, if diagnosed at an early stage, it can be treated. This is why; ultrasound is done to check mother and child well-being.


3D 4D Sonography in Vastrapur, Well, there are so many clinics available who are providing these facilities. The cost is above 1000 rs/ for normal sonography, but for 3D and 4D sonography, they will charge more than 3000 rs. It is really important to have a budget plan for these facilities as well. In Sneh hospital, we tend to provide the best facilities at minimum cost.

We believe to make these facilities available for all classes to make our contribution to health facilities. For normal sonography, we charge 500 RS and for 3D and 4D sonography, we charge 1700 Rs.

Loan fees don’t mean low facilities as we aimed to make all health facilities available and affordable for all people. We provide whole high standard facilities for everyone


In our team with expertise in various modalities, we have a range of professional, experienced, and committed in house radiologists. We also provide patients with 24-hour radiology services including emergency and teleradiology support.

Our team of physicians takes their time to focus on providing each individual patient with the highest quality of service. Through exceptional quality and service, we have earned the confidence and trust of a vast portion of the medical community in Ahmedabad.


Ques: Is ultrasound better or worse than other modalities like CT?

Ans: Every picture of the modalities is different. For the best treatment, it is often important to imagine varying forms with different modalities. What the doctor’s office recommended at this time is an ultrasound. Ultrasound is an outstanding and very secure study. If more imagery is required, it is recommended by the radiologist.

Ques: What is an ultrasound?

Ans: Using sophisticated equipment, an ultrasound scan sends sound waves into the body and captures the return data to create images that are looked at by the sonography and interpreted by a radiologist.

Ques: When Do Women Have Pregnancy Ultrasounds?

Ans: Typically, health care providers do an ultrasound for the first time between 6 and 9 weeks. This gives confirmation you ‘re pregnant.

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