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30-40% cases of infertility are due to male factor. Cases of infertility are on rise owing to the current life style trends, food habits and increased use of electronics.

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30-40% cases of infertility are due to male factor. Cases of infertility are on rise owing to the current life style trends, food habits and increased use of electronics.

However, there are number of treatments available to treat male infertility that can increase the chances so it cannot be said that you can never conceive a baby. Sneh Hospital is proud to say that it has treated numerous infertile couples. It has more than 85% success rate

Male fertility Testing Ahmedabad
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    What Causes Infertility in Male?

    Incapability of producing sperm or producing low level of sperms which can be related to your infertility
    This can prevent meeting of sperm with egg
    They may produce low level or poor quality of sperms
    Change in number and structure of chromosomes can affect the fertility as half of the DNA is carried by the sperm of testicles
    Where the veins of testicles get enlarged, it can directly affect the shape, size and number of sperms.
    Lifting heavy weight too much, too much of cycling can increase the risk to infertility.
    After the age of 45, fertility decreases naturally. The quality and quantity of sperm gets diminished.
    Some medications can reduce fertility
    When semen goes backwards into the bladder instead of getting out of the penis
    difficulty in maintaining an erection
    Male Infertility Diagnosis & Tests
    You will be asked to give complete physical examination to figure out your health status and pin down the reason of your infertility. You and your partner will be asked some questions. Sometimes your physical examination doesn’t indicate the reason of your infertility so you need to go through some medical tests in order to identify the cause.
    The test includes semen analysis, where you have to provide sample of semen which is later sent to the laboratory to ascertain followings:
    Additional tests if required:
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    How to improve male fertility?

    Ready yourself for Male Infertility Testing?

    If you are seeking solutions to your infertility issues, before visiting to a doctor prepare yourself with certain questions you want to ask to us.

    Include the followings in your list of questions:

    Male Fertility Treatments


    Andrology is the medical field that specializes in men’s reproductive health. Male infertility can be a complex issue and our experienced team provides a range of diagnostic testing for men’s reproductive health, including semen analysis and advanced sperm testing. We also provide sperm freezing and storage for fertility preservation and assisted reproductive technology (ART).

    We offer IVF and IUI treatments using donor sperm and can help you find a donor or we can support you if using donor sperm from sperm bank

    IVF/ IUI with Donor sperm

    Naturally, the ejaculated sperm swim through the uterus into the fallopian tubes, one of which will contain the egg ovulated that month. One of the sperm will pass through the different layers that protect the egg to fertilize it, and thus produce the zygote, which ends up forming the embryo.
    Intracytoplasmic sperm injection, better known as ICSI, is an assisted reproduction technique that involves the direct insertion of a sperm into the ovule to facilitate fertilization. It is very helpful if your sperm count or motility is very less.

    Through this procedure, sperms are directly collected from testicles in patients whose sperms are not naturally obtained

    TESE/ Micro TESE

    At the age of 25-45 the fertility is at the top and sperm counts are maximum. After 45, the quantity and quality of the sperms gets diminished.

    At the age of 25-35, as this age is considered as the ideal age for getting a baby.

    • The food which contains COQ10 like groundnut, spinach, broccoli, meat etc.
    • Vitamin C, D, E,
    • Food contains folic acid and zinc combination

    You need to go through the physical and medical test including semen analysis and additional tests if recommended by your doctor.

    Reduced sexual desire, difficulty maintaining an erection (erectile dysfunction), pain, swelling or a lump in the testicle area, recurrent respiratory infections, inability to smell, mood swings etc.

    Smoking, alcohol, drugs, exposure to toxics, overweight, overheating testicles etc. can work as enemies to you.

    Yes, it is possible through technologies like ICSI, TESE and Micro TESE.