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obesity test

Why is obesity test important?

Obesity or bulkiness is an unsettle issue in people of all the ages around the world. It is not all the time inferred as a person is obese, only when he is very fat or eat too much and doesn’t work out but, in some cases, accumulation of too much fat in one’s body which acts adversely on their health is obesity. It is a complicated health condition which gets one down to multiple diseases from diabetes to osteoarthritis. Carrying too much weight, may lead one to death dealing diseases or disorders. In order to treat obesity, one has to, switch in lifestyle choices, food habits and physical work out

Body Mass Index:

When the individual finds out his Body Mass Index 30 or above, then he falls into the category of obese. When BMI is below 18, then he falls into the underweight category. BMI ranges 18-25 is from healthy weight category and BMI ranges 25-30 falls into the overweight category.
It is said that a stitch in time saves nine so its better to be sure than be sorry. When you are feeling certain symptoms such as breathlessness, snoring, unable to work out, excessive sweating, quick exhaustion, back and joints pain, hormonal imbalance etc. so obesity test will be the life saver for you. It would be great to get the test  before it gets serious later.

Why is obesity test important?

  • – Obesity test confirms if you are actually obese
  • – To avoid future complications
  • – Provides you a chance for safe surgery if required
  • – For healthy life style.

Obesity test process:

At first, doctor will put forward several questions about your medical history then will take physical examination which includes blood pressure, pulse rate, temperature, heart and abdomen to assess obesity. Subsequently, doctor will calculate Body Mass Index and will measure waist circumference. After this, doctor will examine other health problems if any.

obesity test

What Blood tests are for obesity?

  • Fasting lipid panel
  • Liver function studies
  • Thyroid function tests
  • Fasting glucose and hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c)

Above information will help you in choosing the suitable treatment which will work best for you!

“Higher levels of triglycerides, a fat, or lipid in the blood that indicated risk for heart and other blood vessel”