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Semen Analysis - HSA (Human Sperm Assay)

Why is HSA test important to check male fertility

Are you and your partner impotent to conceive? Do you feel that you should get fertility tests? 

Do you know that who is responsible for this? According to the specifics, male accounts 50% for pregnancy as well as women. Its not only the women, who is responsible for pregnancy but also men contribute the same. When you are unable to conceive a baby for years and years. You should contact doctor and consult with him.

If you are a guy and you have fertility issues then there are numerous tests that you can take to evaluate the issue. That is why HSA which stands for Human Sperm Assay is important for you to check infertility. Ferret out clarifications to your doubts from this article and even learn more right here!

What should I do first?

Any one of the partners can be infertile. If a man thinks that he has infertility then the first thing he should do is to schedule an appointment with urologist i.e., fertility specialist. Converse in detail with the doctor, be open and frank with him. tell him the medications you took in past or currently taking, surgeries you had, addictions if any, your physical workouts, your job, about your sex life. Everything which you think can affect your health, you must reveal in front of him. Later, doctor will recommend you some tests that you have to get it.

What tests you can expect?

Well, there are many tests, learn about every test in detail.

  • Semen analysis/ HSA (Human Sperm Assay) :

    Mostly, sperm is the most common cause of infertility. Semen is a whitist thick fluid consists of water, plasma and mucus. Men release semen from the penis when they ejaculate. Sperm is the component of semen which needs to be tested. This test is sperm count test. Semen analysis evaluate the quality and quantity of sperm.

It evaluates: sperm count, shape and size of the sperm, sperm volume, motility, measures the PH and viscosity (time taken by sperm to liquifies) and fructose.

A newly fresh semen sample is retrieved and tested under microscopic to determine the quality, quantity and other issues in sperm. When the sperm count is low then you will probably be asked for the test of FSH, LH, prolactin level and blood testosterone. If you have zero sperm and semen, then there is possibility of blockage along the reproductive test which is only be corrected through a small surgery.

When couple find any problem in conceiving, doctor recommends this to check whether infertility in male is the reason behind not getting pregnant.

  • Physical examination:

    Every so often, detection of fertility issues by physical examination. For instance, if you have any chronic disease, genetic or inherited condition, illnesses, injuries or surgeries. Then among them, one can be the reason behind this.

It can even detect varicoceles, i.e., typical formation of veins above the testicles. Surgeries can correct this problem as this is not that serious.

  • Urinalysis:

    This test searches white blood cells which indicates infection. In this, collection of urine after the ejaculation is to evaluate the presence of sperm in the urine.

If the sperm released in to the bladder that means retrograde ejaculation is the possible problem. This happens, when semen goes backwards into the bladder instead of getting out of the penis. Simple assisted reproductive procedure can cure this.

  • Hormonal evaluation:

Abnormalities in hormone is one of the reasons of infertility. This is in very case but when all the tests are normal then there is a possibility of hormonal abnormalities. Testosterone along with other hormones control the formation of sperm.

  • Scrotal ultrasound:

    Using soundwaves  to produce a picture of the scrotum (it is a pouch like structure which contains testicles that produce, store and transport male sex hormones)

It helps in detection of disorders of testicles, epididymis (it is the long tube behind either side of testicles), to detect any blockage or damage in reproductive tract.

  • Sperm antibodies test:

    When sperms come in contact with his own immune system, he makes antibodies. This happens because of the injured testicle as testicles keep the anti-bodies away from the sperm. Antibodies acts against the sperm and attack them on the way to egg, which obstructs the sperm to meet the egg and keeps your partner getting pregnant.

  • Testicular biopsy:

    This test determines whether sperm are well or produced enough by collecting a small tissue from the tubules in the testes.

Other male fertility tests:

Mostly, above tests detects the issue of infertility but if all of them are normal than doctor will recommend you other tests which may include,

  • – Genetic testing
  • – Sperm agglutination
  • – Sperm penetration assay
  • – Hypo-osmotic swelling
  • – Ultrasonography

In case, all your tests are normal then, the whole focus will be shifted to female factor. She has to go through the tests.