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When Should a Woman Consider Egg Freezing?

When Should a Woman Consider Egg Freezing?

Egg freezing is the best fitting alternative for women if they are longing to have pregnancy in later date in future or if they are underlying any condition such as cancer which may create a negative impact on their fertility. Egg freezing is also known as oocyte cryopreservation which has great potency to preserve the reproductive potential of women.

Oocyte cryopreservation plays an important role for women who want to have their own biological child in future date for personal reasons but not immediately. In this procedure, there is no need of male partner or sperm but it is required in embryo preservation. At first, women are given fertility medications for stimulating ovaries to boost the production of eggs. Once, the ovulation is induced, the egg will be retrieved form the ovaries. After the harvesting of the unfertilized eggs, the eggs will be frozen so that all the biological activities in the eggs get ceased. This way the eggs are preserved for the later use in future date.

Why is egg freezing needed?

  • ●  If a woman has cancer and undergoing cancer treatment counting chemotherapy and exposure to various radiations which can affect her fertility. Then, she chooses egg preservation to have a biological child in future
  • ●  If a woman wants delayed pregnancy for any personal reason
  • ●  If the eggs are retrieved during any fertility treatment, then surplus eggs are to be frozen for later use in future
  • ●  When a woman is concerned about age-related infertility
  • ●  When a woman is undergoing IVF treatment and unfortunately, the male partner got failed to produce the sufficient amount of the sperm on the same day when the eggs from the women are retrieved. Then, egg freezing would be the most suitable option
  • ●  Surgery that may cause damage to reproductive organs, especially ovaries
  • ●  If she has a risk of premature ovarian failure because of chromosomal peculiarities
  • ●  If she has any gynecological disorder such as ovarian disease
  • ●  Woman who has family history of early menopause
  • ●  If a woman has BRCA mutation and ovaries are required to be removed

How can I use my frozen eggs for pregnancy?

Be cognizant of this thing, that your eggs are safe and you can use them whenever you want in future. When you want to use your eggs, they will be fertilized by using the sperm in the laboratory. Once the egg gets matured, it will be later implanted rightly in the uterus or womb of the woman. This can be done through various assisted reproductive techniques such as ICSI Intracytoplasmic sperm injection, IVF Invitro fertilization, etc.

Don’t forget that if you use the eggs for conceiving at an older age then the chances of getting pregnant will be very less. So, try to use your eggs at an appropriate age, ladies. You don’t need to contemplate while choosing career over baby or baby over career. Because you can have both at a right time by using fertility preservation. Meet our specialists at Sneh Hospital for easy decision making!