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Pregnancy Failure

What Are the Reasons Behind Recurrent Pregnancy Failure?

Miscarriage is one the most catastrophic experience a couple can have but more than that, recurrent pregnancy lose can destroy a couple mentally. One out of hundred couples gets through this situation. Recurrent miscarriage means two or three consecutive miscarriages which may leave you in doubt about the causes.

More than half of the time, couples will long to have a healthy child after having recurrent pregnancy failures. This will make the couple look more intently at possible factors affecting healthy pregnancy.

Instead of worrying, better try to catch the reason for recurrent pregnancy loss. There are plethora of factors that contribute to pregnancy failure but certainly have a solution to come out of it at Sneh Hospital. Before you visit our fertility specialists, go through the possible causes of recurrent miscarriages.

Causes of recurrent pregnancy failures:

Every so often, the cause of miscarriage is not certain, many a times; couples get successful in having a successful third pregnancy. Somehow, if you are aware of the possible causes of miscarriages then it becomes easy to fix the problem in a straightforward way.

  • – Partner who are above 35 are at risk of recurrent pregnancy
  • – Obesity
  • – Unexplained infertility
  • – Abnormal blood clotting i.e., antiphospholipid syndrome (APS)
  • – Chromosomal abnormalities
  • – Partners have reproductive problem
  • – Abnormal anatomy of uterus
  • – Polycystic ovarian disease
  • – Infection
  • – Poor blood supply
  • – Cervical problem
  • – Genetic problems
  • – Stress, environmental factor and lifestyle choice
  • – Previous pregnancy loss

Well, the risk of miscarriages increases if you have previous pregnancy loss. This can be quite debilitating and can hand you out stressful life.

Finding a cause:

Recurrent pregnancy loss is not so common, if you are going through the same then you really need to see the fertility specialist. Fertility test will help you to find the reason for recurrent pregnancy loss. The best thing is you can have successful pregnancy though you had two or three miscarriages previously.

  • – Fertility testing
  • – Anatomical testing
  • – Sonography / X-ray or ultrasound test
  • – Chromosomes testing
  • – Blood clotting test
  • – Auto-immune disorder test
  • – Insulin, diabetes testing, thyroid testing

How can recurrent pregnancy failure be prevented?

  • – Routine exercise, including high-intensity activities such as jogging and cycling
  • – Regular sexual intercourse
  • – Less exposure to chemical or harmful radiations
  • – Talk with our doctor if you are concerned about work-related risks


It is pretty fathomable that it takes some time to overcome the grief of miscarriages but don’t worry when we are here to hear you. Don’t hesitate to address your issues.