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Things to know before family planning

Forming a family is never a trouble-free task! It takes immense efforts, sacrifices and hopes which in turn gives whopping pleasure, happiness and a reason to live. Getting pregnant is one of the important decisions in couple’s life.

Are you thinking about planning a baby? You may be excited but at the same time, you might be feeling nervous because you don’t want to miss out on anything you need to know before family planning. This is a very obvious feeling; every couple eventually go through this before moving ahead.

You don’t need to worry. Let’s help you out with the things you need to take into account before planning your family.

Well, there are various perspectives of different couples such as financial stability, health & health risk, physical pain, medical condition, emotional pain, future expenses, earlier miscarriage, pregnancy failure etc., many more are there. Get an all-in-one list here in this article.

  • Pre-pregnancy talk with your partner and family:

    As parenting is one of the biggest commitments, so it is important to put your heads together with your partner and your family for conversing about working, household chores, staying, home, culture & traditions. How to cope with all the things when baby will set its foot in your life. That one kid will bring a huge change in your life, so get ready.

  • Stop taking oral contraceptives (Birth Control Pills):

    Steer clear of birth control pills couple of months ago before planning a baby. This will let you know when you are most fertile and when you are ovulating. So, when you get your periods, it will help you conceive straight away.

  • Visit to doctor:

    It would be great to meet and consult with a doctor about your medical history. Frankly discuss everything, they need to know about you. Whether it is about possible genetic disease or chronic illness. They will guide you at their best that will reduce the odds of any uncertainty in your pregnancy.

  • Pre-pregnancy health screening:

    Full health checkup is quite important before conception. Ever so often, we don’t know what our body is going through. So, when you get your whole-body checkup, those reports will even put forward minor issues in your body which can bring some trouble in future. It’s better to get pre-pregnancy health screening in order to reduce any odds of risk in pregnancy.

  • Health:

    Health is above everything, when you are planning a baby, you need to take care of your health as it has direct relation with your pregnancy. Switch yourself to healthy diet, balanced nutrients, stop stocking junk food and high calories food in fridge and stuff it with healthy fruits and vegetables. Drink enough water and have enough sleep.

  • Take folic acid everyday:

    Folic acid is present in Vitamin B rich food such as leafy vegetables, peanuts, seafood, beans etc. It elevates the production of red blood cells and optimally utilizes the iron which in turn reduces the chances of birth defects in baby. If you are planning to conceive then, you should begin taking this a month ago.

  • Financial Planning before family planning:

    Be practical and think straight forward. At this time, financial planning is a mandatory thing. When you plan a baby, you must give a thought to money that you need to gather for pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post- pregnancy expenses. Not just this, you should bring one more thing into your mind i.e., baby’s expenses from its diapers to its stroller, you need so much stuff, even extra. Every couple dream about giving a comfy life to their baby which involves a practical family planning.

  • Gain or maintain healthy weight:

    Sometimes we think that weight cannot make any difference in pregnancy. In fact, whether you are overweight or underweight, it will get you in trouble physically during labor or during pregnancy period. In case you are overweight, then you need to trim yourself by working out daily. You need to bulk up a bit if you are underweight. Reaching the ideal weight should be in your priorities. The ideal BMI for mum-to-be is between 19 – 24.

  • Give up on bad habits:

    At present, whether a man or a woman, both get themselves trapped in addictions such as, smoking, drinking alcohol, drugs or consuming caffeine in order to relieve stress of work or other personal stuffs. It will make you feel relax, but on the other side it will hand you out the worst outcomes when it comes to health. Especially it affects the fertility of man and woman and get them complications while trying to conceive

  • Destress yourself and have mental peace:

    If you have any kind of issues that are dishing out stress to you such as office workload, personal stuff then, rather than suffering this mentally, share this with someone empathetic. To be on cloud nine, you need to cope with this peacefully. It is quite common to feel worried, frustrated, anxious but if this feeling does not go away, then it will ruin your peace and will affect your mental health.

  • Emotional strength:

    Nothing is easy or painless to get. For the utmost happiness, you need to muster yourself up to fight a battle first. You need to stay physically and emotionally strong. Don’t overthink and don’t dwell on wee things. Every woman has a dream to become a mother. If you get to feel this pain then, you are blessed. Stay strong!

Pregnancy is not easy; several women face complications and troubles in getting pregnant but our responsibility at Sneh Hospital is to resolve their issues and to make sure they achieve happiness of their life by completing their family no matter what it takes! We offer everything from pre-natal care to post-natal care. Get in touch if you are facing issues in getting pregnant or want to consult with our specialists before forming your family!