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Gynecologist: When to Visit and What to Expect?

Gynecologist: When to Visit and What to Expect?

Gynecologists are the doctors who are specialized in dealing with women’s reproductive health whereas obstetricians are those who care for women during their pregnancy and even after the baby is delivered.

Women’s reproductive system is pretty complex and it’s quite challenging to deal with the problems concerning with it. You may feel embarrassed or shy while discussing about these personal and sensitive issues with OBGYN. However, you don’t need to worry as we are here to give you some tips for making a discussion with gynecologist and when to make an appointment.

When to visit a gynecologist?

Some people visit to the gynecologist when they find any disorder or any unusual thing, when things reach in middle of the worst. This is so not good as if any condition left unattended then it can take it to the worst level. Early detection of any condition can help in preventing any uncertainty in future.

  • As a part of healthy lifestyle, women should visit to gynecologist once in a year at least
  • Some people start seeing gynecologists from their teens for healthy living
  • If women have any concern related to pelvic, uterus, vulvar, vagina etc.
  • If a women experience infertility, abnormal bleeding or pelvic pain
  • Women during pregnancy, menopause, concerned about menstrual cycle
  • Family planning, abortion, contraception
  • Problem of PCOS, UTI or STIs
  • Noncancerous problems in reproductive system such as ovarian cysts, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, pelvic inflammatory disease, vaginal ulcers, vulvar ulcers, breast disorders etc.
  • Symptoms of gynecological cancer and breast and pregnancy tumors
  • Pre-cancerous conditions such as endometrial hyperplasia, cervical dysplasia
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Any emergency care concerning gynecology

What to expect when you visit gynecologist?

Don’t feel nervous, when you book an appointment with gynecologist, it’s their responsibility to review how this exam will go. If you feel nervous just ask them to elaborate the specifics that embrace: What tests you will have to undergo? Will this be breast exam or pelvic exam? How will these exams go?

And yes! Everything will be done after taking your consent, nothing will be done until you feel comfortable. First of all, if you have any medical history, then don’t forget to bring those reports to the clinic. Our gynecologist will discuss your medical history thoroughly which involves your surgical history, running medications, genetic history, addiction such as smoking, alcohol, drug etc.


For detail, our gynecologists may ask you little bit personal questions about your sex life, sex history, birth control pills, vaccinations, STDs, for providing the best possible treatment to you. However, it is only possible when you be frank and give completely honest answers to doctor for better understanding of the condition. You need to trust the doctor and don’t feel shy to ask anything.

Afterwards, our nurse will measure your weight and will check your blood pressure and other basic health checkup which may include blood test and urine sample. Later, in accordance with your situation, the recommended physical exam will be performed. You will have to wear a gown and you will be examined by our gynecologist.

First, we will have you to lie on your back on the examination table whereby your feet will be up in stirrups with bent knees. For detecting the peculiarities, doctor will check up the outer side of your vagina and reproductive organs inside. A speculum will be used to open your vagina and will examine your cervix and if required sample of cells from cervix will be scraped to check any abnormalities. This will be later sent to the laboratory for the further checkup. It is not quite painful but easily bearable. You can get back to the normal position then.


After physical examination, our nurse will follow you up with the reports via call. You will have to visit us again for further discussion of your results. You don’t need to worry or feel shy because we have female as well as male gynecologists at Sneh Hospital, who will guide you the best.