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Can I Still Get Pregnant With Endometriosis

Can I Still Get Pregnant with Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a common medical condition in women. It is often a question from women that “Is it possible to get pregnant if I have endometriosis?” if you are also ferreting about this then you have stopped at the right place. Know everything about the relation between endometriosis and chances of getting pregnant right at this spot!

Before delving into the relationship between endometriosis and pregnancy, let us enlighten you with endometriosis. Endometriosis is a painful disorder whereby the tissue similar to the tissue that grows in the inner lining of the uterus begins to grow outside the uterus. Dear ladies! It is pretty important to know that you can still get pregnant even if you have endometriosis. However, you may face trouble in getting pregnant but obviously it is not impossible.

Is it possible to conceive naturally with endometriosis?

First of all the answer is yes!

If you are diagnosed with endometriosis that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can never get pregnant. The very first thing you will need to do is to consult with the fertility specialist especially if you are above 35. Many women do get pregnant naturally without any assistance of fertility treatments. No matter what, going up with a doctor’s recommendation will help you get pregnant naturally. For the first six months, our specialist will recommend you to try by copulation. If you failed to get pregnant within this time frame, then don’t wait to meet our doctor to make further decisions.

What are the available options to conceive, if I failed to conceive naturally?

Though women are undergoing any medical condition, they can still get pregnant because of being blessed by the scientific breakthrough in the reproductive field. Somehow, the most feasible treatment for endometriosis-related infertility depends on certain factors such as your age, the stage or type of the disease, your infertility risk factors, treatment costs, and personal choice.

In-Vitro Fertilization:

IVF is considered as the best fertility treatment as it provides the best chances of getting pregnant. In this, fertilization takes place out of the body in a culture dish or test tube by combining the egg and sperm under observation. Once the egg is well fertilized, it will be placed rightly into the uterus through the cervix. It has the highest success rate. IVF is sometimes used as the first-line treatment if a woman is over 35, has stage 3 or 4 disease, or has additional risk factors for infertility. At Sneh Hospital, thousands of babies have been born through this assisted reproductive technique. Consult with our specialists!

Intrauterine insemination:

Women who are at stage 1 or 2 of endometriosis are given fertility drugs such as gonadotropin or clomiphene along in IUI. In intrauterine insemination, specially washed semen is placed into the womb to facilitate fertilization. When IUI is done in conjunction with fertility drugs, it improves the chances of getting pregnant.

So, don’t dwell on endometriosis, because you can still conceive your dream. If you have any query, contact us now!