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Breast Cancer: Not always life-threatening

Breast Cancer: Not always life-threatening

Breast cancer can effect one or both breasts. Cancerous growth occurs when cells grow out of control.

It’s quite crucial to acknowledge that a good many of breast lumps are not dangerous and non- cancerous. Non-cancer breast tumors are kind of typical growths; however, they do not escalate outer part of the breast. They are not deadly, but a few types of benign breast lumps can raise a woman’s danger of getting breast cancer. Still, breast lump in breast or noticeable changes needs to be checked by health care provider to catch out if it is non-cancerous or malignant and if it might create an impact on your future cancer risk.

How breast cancer develops?

Breast cancers can start from various parts of the breast. The breast is tissue that overlaying on the upper ribs and chest muscles. There are two breasts, each one has mainly glands, ducts, and fatty tissue. In women, the breast produces and delivers milk to feed newly born. The amount of fatty tissue in the breast indicates the size of each breast.

  • – Cancers that start from lobules i.e., milk producing gland are called lobular cancers
  • – The most common breast cancer starts from the duct that come out from lobules and carry the milk to nipples. That cancer is known as ductal cancers
  • – A not so common breast cancer that begins from the nipple is Paget disease of the breast.
  • – Another unusual breast cancer that grows in stroma, a fat connective tissues that surround the ducts and lobules. This cancer is known as phyllodes tumor.
  • – Blood vessels and lymph vessels are also form in each breast. Angiosarcoma is a less common kind of breast cancer that can begin in the lining of these vessels.

How is breast cancer Diagnosed?

Our doctors recommend to use additional tests to find or diagnose breast cancer. At Sneh hospital, we have Breast specialists and surgeon to deal with any complicated cases. Undergoing breast cancer diagnosis doesn’t not mean that it is cancer and needs any surgery. There can be other breast problems, that our experts will diagnose. Below are some ways to detect breast problems,

  • – Mammogram: If you feel or have lump or other unusual surface findings in/on the breast then it is quite important to get breast checkup. Mammogram is a test that can detect any type of abnormalities in breast. It is an elaborated X-ray of the breast
  • – Breast Ultrasound: High frequency sound waves are used to get a picture of inside of the breasts, also called as sonograms
  • – Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Breast (MRI): It is a type scan that makes use of magnetic energy which is connected with computer. The MRI scan of breast provides comprehensive pictures of inside of the breast.
  • – Biopsy: It includes the removal of tissue or fluid from the breast to be viewed under microscope and supports in further detailed testing. Various types of biopsies are there, for instance, fine-needle aspiration, core biopsy, or open biopsy

If you feel any kind of symptoms that bring dilemma in your mind, sick immediate consultation and check up because the earlier it will catch up, the earlier our experts will snatch it up!