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Transvaginal Sonography (TVS) – Things you may don’t know!

Transvaginal Sonography (TVS) – Things you may don’t know!

“Meaning- Purpose- What it can check? – Before the exam- Procedure- After the exam- Result: everything you will get to know in this article.”

Transvaginal sonography is minimally invasive and safe procedure. It is a kind of ultrasound whereby high frequency sound waves are used to get a clear view of inside organs or whole female reproductive part including ovaries, bladder, uterus to examine them and detect if there are any abnormalities. It’s other name is endo-vaginal ultrasound.

Why is Transvaginal Ultrasound be carried out?

Well, there are 2 major situations which needs vaginal ultrasonography; one when she faces any trouble regarding her reproductive organs and another, when she is pregnant.

To examine in following issues,

  • – Infertility
  • – Spotting or vaginal bleeding
  • – Fibroids or cysts
  • – Ectopic pregnancy
  • – Pelvic pain
  • – Bleeding after menopause
  • – Endometriosis
  • – Pelvic inflammatory disease

When she is pregnant;

  • – To check the heartbeat of fetus
  • – Examine cervix to see the odds of miscarriage and premature delivery
  • – Check the condition of placenta
  • – Assess and confirm the delivery date
  • – Monitor if pregnancy is healthy or risky
  • – To check the source if there is abnormal bleeding or spotting

Transvaginal ultrasound examines,

  • – Shape, size, position of uterus
  • – Breadth and length of Cervix
  • – Shape, size, position of ovaries
  • – Bladder 

Before transvaginal sonography:

  • – Note that, even during menstruation, this test is possible,  you just need to remove tampon, menstrual cup or sanitary whatever you are using at the time of the scan.
  • – Before ultrasound, you will be asked to pass urine as empty bladder will give a clear view of your inside organs.
  • – Must disclose to the doctor, if you have any allergy or anything.
  • – Our physician will give you full instructions before performing the exam.

During vaginal ultrasound:

  • – Once you reach in the examination room,  physician will explain the procedure.
  • – You will need to put on a hospital gown if you are wearing anything on the waist down
  • – We will have you to lie down on you back on the examination table with raised legs just similar to pap smear test or pelvic ultrasound
  • – The transducer will be covered with lubricants or latex condom and later inserted in vagina but before that you need to inform if you are latex-allergic.
  • – You may feel mild pressure during the test, but you need to stay still, calm and breathe normally
  • – Sound waves will be passed from the transducer safely where by soundwaves will bounce off to your inside organs and transmit an image onto the monitor
  • – Sometimes doctor may use saline infusion sonography where sterile salt water is deposited in uterus as it gives comprehensive and clear picture by stretching the uterus
  • – Saline infusion Sonography is not an option for pregnant women and women who have infection
  • – Mostly, this procedure takes 5-10 minutes but rest depends on the other factors.

After Vaginal sonography:

  • – After the test, physician will hand those images after analysis to the doctor and doctor will explain the problems you might have.
  • – Along with explaining, he will guide you for the further step

Is Transvaginal Sonography Risky?

Well, it has no risk and quite safe. Even, there is no use of radiation in this scan. It is safe to perform this during pregnancy, during menstruation, or even if you have infection. You may feel light pressure or mild discomfort but for few minutes.

Results can be,

  • – Cysts or fibroids
  • – Normal pregnancy
  • – Cancer in reproductive organs
  • – Uterine infection
  • – Ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage

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