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Top Signs of Healthy Pregnancy

Top Signs of Healthy Pregnancy

Hey beautiful mommies-to-be, are you excited and feeling nervous at the same time about your unrevealed tiny tot? This is obvious to have these mixed feelings. This is quite fathomable that your only current aim is to know whether you have a healthy pregnancy or not!

Every couple wants to accomplish a healthy pregnancy but for that you need to enlighten yourself with some information what exactly a healthy pregnancy means. You can track your pregnancy status by considering certain positive symptoms of healthy pregnancy. Know it all!

  • – Fetus movement in belly:

  • The best symptom to track after 20 weeks. Fetus start making movements in the belly after 5 months. The very first movement of the baby in the womb is medically termed as quickening. On reaching the sixth month, baby will start responding to sound and subsequently in the seventh month, it will get stimulated by light and pain also. With the time, it will grow and the space inside the womb will lack for making movement. So, you don’t need to worry at that time.


  • – Gaining healthy weight:

  • This shows the development of the baby in your belly. When you gain weight that means your baby is growing and gaining weight. If you carry a normal weight before pregnancy, then you may gain 11 to 12 kgs. But if you are already obese or overweight, then you may gain lesser weight. Each and every time, you will visit to the doctor, your weight and growth of baby will be monitored.


  • – Right growth of fetus and belly:

  • This growth may be observed with the passing of time. Baby usually grows 2 inches every month, so mother will also gain weight. On your every visit, doctor will monitor the growth of the baby through ultrasound. The full-term baby will grow up to 19-20 inches and weigh roundabout 3 kgs. If the fetus is not growing properly, it will lead to disruption in pregnancy.


  • – Fetus heartbeat:

  • On reaching the fifth month, heartbeat of the fetus can be tracked. On your very antenatal appointment, heartbeat of the baby will be monitored by conducting non-stress test. This test can even come up with the possible and potential threats. The ideal heartbeat of the healthy baby on that time ranges from 100- 160 per minute. This shows your unborn baby is healthy inside.


  • – Fetal position:

  • On the completion of the full term i.e., ninth month, the baby will take the position in such a way that its head will be on the first from the birth canal and the movement will get stopped as it will become ready to come out.


There are still some other signs that indicate healthy pregnancy, but you may feel irritated:

  • – Unusual vaginal discharge:

  • You will experience this symptom for the whole of your pregnancy. This is quite common sign that mostly all women undergo. You may feel wet all the time. Odorless and watery discharge from vagina is a good sign of pregnancy. Furthermore, it will prevent any infection from entering the womb and will also keep the vagina clean.


  • – Breast soreness:

  • On the initial stage, i.e., first trimester, you will feel soreness or breast tenderness. With the rise in progesterone or estrogen level, your chest may feel heavy. It is a positive sign of healthy pregnancy.


  • – Fatigue or sickness:

  • Generally, it is experienced on the first trimester, you may feel unusual sickness or weakness in the morning. Morning sickness during pregnancy decreases the risk of miscarriage. Feeling bloated, nausea, vomiting, are the considered as the sign of healthy pregnancy

So, mommies-to-be, mustered yourself to win this battle. All you need to do is to keep extra care in order to accomplish healthy delivery of the baby. Whenever you feel any unusual symptoms which bring doubt in your mind, contact us on the spur of the moment.