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IVF Injection

Easy Steps to Give IVF Injections by Yourself

During fertility treatments such as IVF, IUI, or you are being treated with gonadotropins, the very first aim of our fertility specialists is to boost the fertility of women. For that, fertility drugs are given to the women in the form of subcutaneous injections or intramuscular injections. Subcutaneous injections are taken up below the skin into the fatty tissue while intramuscular injections are injected directly into the muscle through a long needle

The best thing is, these injections can be administered by yourself at home or you can ask a friend, spouse or anyone you want. You don’t need to visit the clinic every time you need an injection. Yes! You may feel terrible or nervous at first but to be above board, you will feel like an ace with every consecutive time.

Injections will be dispensed by medication such as Gonal-F, Gonadotropin, follistim, progesterone, GnRh Agonists. Don’t rush, just stay calm and follow the below steps very nicely!

  • Gather required things: The very first step is you need to gather all the necessary things such as a dry surface to work on, your medication, alcohol pads, gauze, needles and syringes. Then, wash your hands as cleanliness is pretty important to prevent any kind of infection.
  • Try to stay calm: It is obvious injection seems terrible especially when you take them by yourself. However, taking injections is a much easier task than you think. Try to relax and stay calm as it can make a big difference.
  • Mixing medications: There are some medications which come with filled syringes and some you need to mix. When you will have to mix the medication, then take a large syringe to draw the dosage prescribed by our doctor. Then place the needle for the injection on the syringe and remove the cap of the needle. Plunge the syringe until a drop of medication appears on the top of the needle and cover it with the cap until you get ready to take it.
  • Prepare your injection site: Make sure that you are an inch away from the naval. Gently wipe the area with an alcohol pad and let it dry. Don’t try to wipe it up and dry it with your
  • Ready to inject the medication: Breathe normally, don’t rush! Gently push the needle at 90-degree through the skin. Depress the syringe until all the medication is injected. Once it is done, remove the syringe carefully.
  • After injection: When you pull the needle out, cover the skin with a gauze pad so that your skin won’t get pulled up with the needle. Little bleeding is normal, don’t Keep the remaining medicines in the refrigerator and dispose of the syringe and needle in a special container. 

And You are done with this! You can wash your hands now. You will get better with every subsequent attempt. Meanwhile, if you have any query then our doctors and whole nursing staff are right here to guide you and assist you.