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Do you know about various types of Surrogacy?

Do you know about various types of Surrogacy?

Are you planning to conceive your dream through surrogacy? It might be looking complicated to you at first but once you get yourself aware with the process, types and everything, it will get the way easier to you.

Let’s clear your pathway to your parenthood journey,

Before heading to the types of surrogacies, you need to understand what is it exactly. What are the options for assisted reproductive technologies such as surrogacy with sperm donor, surrogacy with donor egg, surrogacy with your egg but donor sperm or surrogacy with your sperm but donor egg. Let’s discuss about this.

Surrogacy is a legal agreement, whereby the surrogate mother carries a baby in her own womb for intended parents by using her own egg or intended parents’ gametes with certain consideration. There are various types of surrogacies,

On the basis of biological linkage:

Traditional Surrogacy:

In traditional surrogacy, surrogate mother’s egg is used to create an embryo which is transferred into her womb through IVF (In-vitro Fertilization) or IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination). Surrogate is genetically linked to the baby in traditional surrogacy and becomes biological mother of the baby as the matter of fact that her egg is used in embryo. It is no permitted in all the states because it comes up emotional and legal complication when it comes to hand over the baby to intended parents. Traditional surrogacy is rare now.

Gestational Surrogacy:

In gestational surrogacy, the embryo is created by using intended parents’ egg and sperm or sometimes donor egg/sperm. The child in this type of surrogacy is biologically linked to the intended parents so it is less risky. The egg and sperm are retrieved from the intended parents or donor. Later by keeping them together, it results in embryo. Then, rightly implantation of embryo in surrogate’s womb to carry the baby. The parents who don’t want to avoid involvement in extreme legalities and emotional issue, chooses gestational surrogacy. Moreover, it gives felicity and luckiness to intended mother to have her own biological child.

On this basis of Compensation or Payment:

Compensated Surrogacy:

Compensation to surrogate mother because of the time, efforts, pain, support in carrying the child. Besides medical and other expenses throughout the journey, she is given excess money in order to be thankful. 

Altruistic Surrogacy:

As per The Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill,2019,” Altruistic surrogacy means the surrogacy in which no charges, expenses, fees, remuneration or monetary incentive of whatever nature, except the medical expenses incurred on surrogate mother and the insurance coverage for the surrogate mother, are given to the surrogate mother or her dependents or her representative

As per the recently passed surrogacy bill, there is prohibition for commercialization or commercial purposes i.e., procedures including selling or buying of human embryo or trading in the sale or purchase of human embryo or gametes or selling or buying or trading the services of surrogate motherhood by way of giving payment, reward, benefit, fees, remuneration or monetary incentive in cash or kind.

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