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Bright to Light – The Diet, Facts and Other Essentials for Breast Feeding

Felicitations! Hats off to all the moms, who have gained magnificent triumph over the most critical stage of parturition.

Task of mother was never that easy. From bringing up the child to performing the office chores, she carries out numerous duties. Among all the responsibilities, fostering a child is the most strenuous and fatiguing. But the essence of mother’s life is her child for whom she brushes aside everything. The foremost thing she wants is her newly born baby’s health which is utterly hinge on breast milk. Because it is the only source to feed a baby until 6 months and maximum 12 months, so it is must to be taken proper care of it.

The mileage of drop of mother’s milk to a baby:

  • – Mother’s milk is a balanced diet in itself as it has all the nutrients which a healthy baby requires
  • – Breastmilk is the way easier to digest for a baby than formula milk
  • – It is gentle on developing baby’s stomach, intestine and other body system
  • – Protects a baby from infections, allergies, sickness, and obesity
  • – Defends a baby against many diseases like diabetes, cancer, etc.
  • – It keeps a baby away from constipation, diarrhea or upset stomach
  • – Boosts baby’s immune system

“And the most important, baby secures a pure form of love from momma”

But in some cases, even doing enough efforts, few mothers lacking in producing sufficient milk for babies. And the cry from the baby makes the mother feel guilty. She blames herself that why can’t she feed her baby?


  • – There can be certain reasons behind this like,
  • – Previous breast surgery
  • – Supplementing breast feeding
  • – Ineffective latch
  • – Waiting too long to start breast feeding
  • – Not breastfeeding often enough
  • – Premature birth
  • – Maternal obesity
  • – High blood pressure etc.

Hey! Don’t worry.

Because it’s possible to boost milk production. If you want to feed adequate milk to your baby, it’s just your call to consider certain things which include some exercise and food:

  • – Try to breast feed baby more than frequently say for 8 to 12 times a day. As your baby suckles your breast in turn your hormones will try to boost milk production
  • – While feeding your baby, try to pump your breast in case baby missed it because there may be some left. Pumping between feeding resulting in milk production
  • – Try to feed from both the breasts. Once the milk flow slows down from the first, offer your baby the second one will help you boosting milk
  • – Stay stress free while giving a baby breastfeeding

Lactogenic food to escalate breast milk production:

Fenugreek seeds

Consuming right amount of fenugreek seeds will support you to increase the milk production. You can have it in different forms like with boiled water, powder, fenugreek sprouts, chewing seeds, fenugreek tea, capsules, fenugreek rice porridge, stir fried leaves, rotis or parathas, dosas, curries etc. Say for, consume 2 to 3 capsules, three or four times a day is an ideal amount.

Fennel seeds

These seeds are non-caffeinate and part of carrot family. The safest way to have it is through food, capsules, as flavoring agent or herbal tea. Besides this, fennel oil can be applied from the top instead of consuming it. Taking it in large amount will give you side effects like vomiting, tightness of chest, nausea, itchy and swollen skin etc.

Pumpkin seeds

As they have high vitamin like A, C, E and mineral content which helps to boost the yield of breast milk, according to the study. It is just not only tasty but also an excellent food for producing breast milk. You can have it by the way of making various tasty pumpkin bars and smoothies. 


Stay hydrated! Drinking more water, milk, juice and other Fluids will help you to give a boost to breast milk as 90% of it is comprises of water. Whenever you feel thirsty, just go for more fluid.


It is comprised of Beta-glucan which is a kind of fiber usually gives a push to the level of breastfeeding hormone prolactin. Along with this, it helps you to lower your stress level. Moreover, it is rich in iron which promotes milk supply. You can consume it by making different recipes from oats.

Green leafy vegetables

Broccoli, fenugreek leaves, mustard greens, Spinach, kale etc are comprises of full of nutrients, calcium, and minerals. In addition, green vegetables are comprising of phytoestrogens, which helps to increase milk supply and keeps you healthy. Consuming more and more vegetables will boost your strength too.

Fish and sea food

Salmon, seaweed, shellfish, sardines, canned light tuna, shrimp, scallops, crab, squid, lobster, and clams etc which are lower in mercury and contain large amount of DHA which is a kind of fat help to develop baby’s nervous system. Moreover, all these foods are safe to eat. Among all, Salmon is the best food for milk production.

Unripe papaya

During pregnancy, raw papaya is not recommended to consume as it will set you early labor. But it works great after delivery i.e., for nursing mother. Along with its sweet and good taste, it serves the purpose of increasing supply of breast milk but just make sure you are not allergic to it.


Anti-lactogenic food which narrows down the milk supply


The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) does not recommend drinking alcohol while breastfeeding and alcohol itself does not increase milk production or help moms breastfeed. So, not to consume the alcohol is the safest option.

Chaste berry

It is a fruit from the Asian and the Mediterranean Sea which is not recommended to lactating mothers and pregnant women. However, it can cause moderate to high side effects like nausea, itchy rashes, stomach issues, diarrhea etc.

Sage, peppermint, parsley, menthol

These all things adversely affect the milk supply in nursing mother. So, it is not recommended as it decreases the supply of milk.

“Dear mommies! Here is one magical recipe for you.”

Grab 250 gram of Peepramule, which is also known as Ganthoda

Crush it as minute as possible availing mixture grinder until it results into powder

Pour 400ml lukewarm milk into a glass

Add 1 teaspoon of peepramule powder in it (If you feel more need then, maximum you can add it up to 2 teaspoon)

Mix it well

Sip it up!

You will get the result in a day


To all the mom’s, that’s the best you’ve ever done. Now it’s the time to live the journey of being a mother